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Popular Variations of Video Poker: Exploring the Most Commonly Played Types of Video Poker Games

Several kinds of casino games have become quite popular today not just offline but in online mediums as well. Poker, slot machines, dice games and several more types of variations are played at casinos traditionally. Among the many more variations, the game of poker has been famous, especially video poker. It is quite easy to learn if you are wondering how to play video poker. To find the right success in video poker, finding the right strategy for a video poker game is quite important. Here are some f the most popular variations of video poker games.

Jacks or Better

A popular variant of video poker and most common among casino-goers, jacks or better is available in distinct payouts. One such table is the 9/6 machine for video poker. 9/6 means that you get 9 complete credits for a full house, while 6 for a flush. It offers a payback per cent of 0.995. It allows a lavish profit. Other tables usually allow 8 for the full house and 5 for a flush. It reduces the player’s profits considerably but is beneficial for the casino owners.

Deuces Wild

The deuces wild or wild card is the second most popular game in video poker after jacks or better. There are distinct payouts for this game that range from a full house payment up to as low as 0.95 return per hand. One of the better payouts of as much as 0.997 is the Not so ugly ducks deuces wild variant.

Bonus Poker

A slightly different variant than the jacks or better type, this video poker game is a higher payout game. It offers a higher payout than the usual; for four-of-a-kind hands. One of the best payouts for bonus poker is an 8/5 which returns about 0.992 per hand. It is a great game to try for beginners.

Pick-em Poker

The pick-em poker is quite different from the rest of the variants of video poker. The game begins with a distribution of two cards by the dealer. Next, you will be allowed to pick one from two different cards. It gets followed by another pair, and it goes on till you get five cards. The game offers an amazing payout percentage, up to about 0.999 per hand.

Tens or Better

A similar game as the jacks or better, the tens or better is slightly different. It has a rule that pays for tens or better rather than jacks. For this game, there are two different variants, one that pays out 25 credits other that pays 20 credits each for a four-of-a-kind hand. These variants have returns of 0.991 and 0.980 respectively.


Video poker has been a trendy game for all casino-goers around the globe. They are available in numerous forms and styles and hand generous payouts. Once you’ve bet on your game, it will hand out based on how well you learned about the game. Know the rules about video poker variants before you decide to play out. It will allow you to play skillfully and bet with the right hand.

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