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Casino Comps – How to Get Freebies and Rewards

Casino comps are one of the best marketing tools casinos possess. While handing out complimentary drinks or rooms may cost the casino in the short-term, giving away these gifts will keep players coming back again and again.

Players should keep in mind that casinos issue comps based on a player’s theoretical losses rather than what they spend, so small purchases won’t yield as much in value than bigger, more frequent ones.

Player’s Club

Casinos typically track gamblers through players cards and have systems in place to determine comp tiers based on factors like gambling time, game types and bet sizes played; then this information is used to calculate “average daily theoretical loss”.

As you play more at a casino, your comp tiers and benefits increase accordingly. Some casinos even offer promotions or contests designed to increase these benefits further.

Along with free meals, hotel rooms, and show tickets, some casinos also provide expensive items like limousines or private jets for their patrons. At Cache Creek for instance, hosts are authorized to grant access to its luxury box at Ovation Coliseum while Graton Rewards members may receive complimentary trips to Station Casinos-managed properties in Las Vegas.

Rewards Programs

Casino comps are free services and products offered to players by the house, from drinks, concerts and food to loss rebates and use of a private jet or room.

Casinos use player’s cards to track action and comp players. While lower-level employees may be able to offer comps like buffet or room upgrades directly, most comps are issued automatically by computer systems which factor in how much money has been gambled on by taking into account what percentage you gamble.

Playing regularly is key to earning casino comps. Be sure to present your card each time you gamble and choose casinos where you regularly gamble for longer. In addition, try to appear as though you are spending more than necessary by placing high first and last bets at busy tables and placing larger bets than necessary on first and last rounds.

Hotel Comps

Comps are one of the most effective marketing tools casinos have at their disposal, from buffets and show tickets to discounted hotel rooms and even limousine transportation. Many players regard their level of comps as a status symbol and may envy those with higher levels; however, this approach doesn’t take into account that comps are calculated using your theoretical expected loss; high rollers end up paying for those comps in the long run.

On the Vegas strip, comps can range from free key chains to luxurious weekend hotel stays with butler service and limousine transport. Since hotel rooms can be expensive to provide, comps must reflect each player’s level of play and their contribution to the casino – with free rooms often being offered during week days; such offers also can be found off-Strip and riverboat casinos where local market conditions dictate long-term play incentives.

Dining Comps

Restaurant comps may be an effective way to promote repeat business, reward loyal customers or satisfy unhappy guests. Before making their decision on this, restaurants must carefully consider how it will impact their bottom line and most effectively comp a guest by engaging in communication, listening and offering an apology for any missteps on behalf of management – this shows them they care and want to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. Comped tickets cannot be used to tip wait staff or applied towards future meals – any unspent value is lost forever.

Restaurant comps can include appetizers, drinks, meals, limousine service and room accommodations; it’s always beneficial when the casino and guest work together towards mutual goals of customer satisfaction.

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