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Slot symbols can play a critical role in determining your winnings. A combination of two wild symbols can multiply your winnings by six, while two scatter symbols will do the same. Bonus symbols are also an integral part of slot games. These trigger special bonus features and often offer cash prizes. Scatter symbols also act as scatters, but they don’t usually pay out.

Symbols in slot games vary in their appearance and function. Some are simply standard reel symbols and have no extra function. Other symbols trigger bonus games. Standard symbols are often fruit-based icons or playing card icons. Bonus symbols, however, are different from Scatter symbols. Wild symbols will only contribute to winning combinations if they are present on more than one reel.

Slot games started in the 19th century and have evolved dramatically since then. Many of the modern versions of the games are animated and offer 3D graphics. Some of these newer versions use classic slot symbols as well. Some developers choose to use symbols from card suits instead. While traditional symbols are still the most common, modern symbols are a lot more complex.

Slot symbols are not only recognizable, but also represent the symbols and themes of the games. For instance, a slot machine’s fruit symbols are often linked to chewing gum, or gum-flavored gum. However, many players won’t think twice about fruit symbols on a slot machine. These symbols are often called “fruit machines” in the UK.

When choosing a slot game, it is important to look for slot symbols that fit the theme. An underwater-themed slot might feature fish as slot symbols, while the low-paying symbols are typically card suits and ranks. Many slots feature classic symbols such as fruit and diamonds. While these symbols aren’t the most exciting ones, they can still result in large payouts.

Slot symbols can also be used to distinguish winning combinations. For example, the bar and bell symbol is a classic slot symbol. This symbol is derived from the famous chewing gum company Bell-Fruit, and is a common symbol on most classic video slots. Usually depicted as a classic bell against a black background, it used to be an indication of winning.

While slot machines have been around for centuries, they have changed a lot over the years. In the early 1900s, they were prohibited and were not the same as today’s machines. In Nevada, they became legal, and manufacturers began using innocent symbols instead of numbers. Unlike the popular fruit and bar symbols, modern slot games have hundreds of different slot symbols.

Bonus symbols are another important type of slot symbol. These are similar to Scatter symbols, but they often trigger special bonus rounds. Bonus games are often the highlight of the game and can reward you with big wins.

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