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The Dos and Don’ts of Casino Etiquette

For a seamless and enjoyable casino experience, it is essential to adhere to some basic etiquette. Doing so will make your trip much more pleasurable and stress-free.

Casino etiquette includes dressing appropriately and maintaining good personal hygiene. These can make a big difference in both your gambling experience, as well as that of the staff members at the casino.


No matter if you’re new to casino gaming or have been playing for years, there are certain dos and don’ts that all players at the table should follow. Doing so correctly can make your experience more pleasant and help avoid any embarrassing situations during play.

One of the most essential steps before playing any card game is to become familiar with its rules. This can be accomplished in various ways, such as watching broadcast television or playing a free demo version online.

Another tip is to be familiar with the betting minimum and maximum before placing your bets. Doing this will prevent you from irritating fellow gamblers by betting too much money or disrupting play in general.

It is also essential not to offer gambling advice unless requested. Doing so may irritate people and even lead them to take revenge against you.


While a casino trip should be fun and exciting, there are certain rules you should abide by. Doing so will make your visit more pleasant for everyone involved – players, dealers and management.

One important rule when playing is not using your phone while at the table or machine. Cell phones can be a serious distraction in casinos and cause players to lose focus on the game.

Another thing you should avoid doing is screaming or yelling at other players when they make a poor decision. Not only is this against casino etiquette, but it could also give other gamblers the wrong impression and cause them to feel uneasy.

It is also not wise to try and cheat your way to a winning hand by bending cards or touching them with two hands. Doing this could result in you being reprimanded or even kicked out of the casino altogether.

Unwritten rules

At a casino, there are certain unwritten rules that must be observed. These guidelines guarantee fair treatment to players and dealers while making sure the games run efficiently.

For instance, it is considered poor casino etiquette to touch the cards while they are face up. Doing so can create a distraction and create an unfriendly atmosphere for other players at the table.

Furthermore, making comments about other players and their betting strategies is considered rude and could result in you being expelled from the casino.

Another unwritten rule in casinos is to turn off your cell phone when entering. This is because the thick walls of casinos block out signals from phones and can make gambling much more stressful.


Casinos can be intimidating places for new gamblers – not only due to the bright lights and loud sounds, but also because of basic etiquette that must be observed. By becoming familiar with the dos and don’ts of casino etiquette, you will feel more secure and avoid any embarrassing situations.

The first rule in playing at a table is respect for the dealers. Most dealers make minimum wage and expect players to tip them, especially when winning.

Be especially vigilant with your cards – don’t touch them in any way that could negatively impact their look or playability, such as marking, bending, or changing them.

Another rule is to keep your cell phone in your pocket and not use it while at the table or near a machine. Checking on your phone, whether for photos, videos, texts or calls, can be distracting and may cause other players to make errors.

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